Gaivotas em terra


What’s included:

  • Experience of immersive theater
  • Dinner (welcome snack and drink, 3 appetizer, 2 main course and desert)
  • Wine tasting and wine paring with portuguese wines and traditional drinks
  • A few more surprises
  • The full experience lasts for 3 hours.

Where in Lisbon?

This is not a restaurant. This experience happens in a private house in the center of Lisbon.  As the owner of the house intends to maintain a certain discretion, we only reveal the address two days before the show to those who have already made their reservation. Do not worry: you will be welcomed.


People contact us and made a reservation by e-mail or in the page of reservations. Then we  send you an e-mail with instructions, step by step.

To know more about the show and how it happens, please click here.


In this complete experience, we want to activate all the senses: vision, smell, taste, hearing and touch. Everything is thought to awaken new sensations, of pleasure and happiness.


We are 5 young people from Lisbon, 3 actresses and 2 cooks who have come together to offer the tourists and countrymen who visit us, a unique experience that mixes immersive theater, Portuguese aromas, flavours  and culture, with a lot of mystery and humor. These dinners take place in different secret gardens in the Center of Lisbon always under a great secrecy, after all we are revealing the best kept secrets of Portuguese culture and gastronomy.

This experience is a spectacle where Portuguese legends will be told while dining with typical dishes that are somehow related to the stories. Each dish is accompanied by wines from different regions.

 Our chefs will explain the origin of the dishes, the products that are used and the importance they have in our culture.

The guests will understand that despite our size we have an immense diversity of landscapes that allow the most varied wine cultures.

The whole show takes place during dinner and there is a great interaction between the actors and the guests. This experience is for participants and not for spectators.