Beyond TeJo – The Show

Beyond Tejo is a play by three actors that embodies several different characters, who guide this story.

This is a profound and emotional journey to “our” Alentejo, to its people, its customs, which will amuse and culturally enrich any spectator. Leonor, Maria and Zé will present you with various stories, through time-travel to the era of the great kings and their respective conquests, to the countless dramas and intrigues of European politics, to the great revolutions, and to the loves and crises that upset the all-powerful aristocracy.

With a backdrop that merges history and gastronomy, and where reality and fiction are mixed, Beyond Tejo intends to create a unique and immersive experience, offering its spectators the possibility to taste our best products, dishes, and wines in a relaxed and fun environment. All of this while our actors tell the most diverse stories. They will do so, by adding to the whole experience a teaching element relating to each of the products and their importance to our culture.